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Why us?

We know how important it is to verify emails for your email campaigns and we see there are so many tools that make fake promises. We aim to offer a stable and real solution to people who are struggling with email marketing due to hard bounce and invalid emails. Our email checker is free, its fast, it’s reliable and accurate. You can simply upload list, wait for your emails to verify and we notify you via email. We send you a secure code, so your data is secure and only you have access. Your data is deleted after 15 days from our server.

FREE Email Checker

Our Email Checker is 100% free, you can verify unlimited emails.

SMTP Email Checker

Our verifier does email verification using smtp to ensure the email validity.

Duplicate Remover

We remove duplicate emails from your list automatically.

Disposable Email detector

Our free email checker can detect disposable emails as well.

Multi Column list

Unlike other free email checker service, we offer multi column list support.

Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft verifier

You can verify yahoo emails as well with accuracy

How it works?

Our process is very simple. As we offer unlimited free email checker service, you can verify unlimited emails per day and increase your capacity by login in to keep the streak going. You can unlock the 1000 emails per list checker as well.

It is as simple as breathing

Create a FREE Account

You can create free account by signing up with us, you can use Gmail to quickly signup. Make sure you have access to that email, we keep your data and email lists secure by sending you OTP for every list you clean.

Upload Email List

You can upload your email list by uploading a multi column CSV or TXT file or by copying emails into our simple copy paste option.

Verify Email list

Click on verify to clean your email list, it will take a few minutes to check your data. Once the email list is verified, we send you a 6 Digit OTP that you need to insert. Finally your clean list is separated and ready for you to download.

Understanding your results

We offer and mark emails in 4 categories.

Valid Emails

Emails that are verified are marked as valid. These emails are active and its safe to send them an email.

Invalid Emails

Catchall settings are used by companies to allow all incoming email, as long as you spell the domain name correct. Your emails will get delivered but they are sent to a special folder. We do not recommend sending emails to catchall email accounts. If you have not communicated with them in past.

Catch All Emails

Invalid emails are those that did not reply to our smtp handshake when tried verifying them. We recommend not to email those email address marked as invalid. You will get your email bounced back.

Unknown Emails

The final marking is unknown. As the word reads, these are unknown emails, we could not verify them due to other service being unresponsive to our smtp handshake. So we simply mark them unknown. Its not recommended to email them.