BMV is introducing an amazing free Bulk Email Checker for everyone and anyone to use. Your FREE email Verification hunt stops here :)

Key Features

Focus on your Marketing Campaigns, stop worrying about Email List Cleaning.


BMV’s has 97% accuracy + FREE email verification for Life. πŸ›‘οΈ

Domain validation

Our Bulk email verifier does FREE domain validation as well 🌐

Catchall Detection

BMV’s bulk email checker is highly accurate. We offer you FREE catchall detection. πŸ•ΈοΈ

File Support

Our bulk email validation is 100% FREE. At the moment we offer only Copy Paste for you. We will be adding more features and file extension support soon. πŸ“


BMV’s Email Verify is a tool build to help the community. It’s a 100% free email verifier with some limitations but if you want to go all out you can unlock the premium features as well. Sign up to find out the premium features of. πŸ’°


bulk email verification requires multiple steps. We are trying to provide the best speed possible to all our users. πŸ’¨

Syntax validation

BMV’s email verifier offers your FREE syntax validation too πŸ™‚

MX record checker

FREE MX record checker + Bulk Email Checker. πŸ’»

Free Duplicate Emails Remover

Our Email verifier removes duplicate emails for FREE. ❌


Million Emails Verified


Million Hard Bounces Stopped


Million Catchall Detected

Email Verify on mission to improve your IP and Domain Reputation.

We want to offer a FREE service to all the email marketers who are struggling to pay for Email verify. We are here to take care of your data so that you can focus more on strategies and marketing campaigns.

Email List Cleaner

You might be wondering, how is BMV offering a 100% free service? Where are there are companies offering the same service for thousands of dollars? They must be doing something wrong, right?? Wrong, we are not doing anything wrong. We are here to accommodate and offer a service in the market to help people who can not afford expensive email verifier service. Our service has some restrictions and limitations of course. It cost money to run a service and that is where you come in as a user. We would encourage you to use the service and tell your friends to use it as well. Your generous donation will help us keep this service up and running and the more people know about this. There will be more to help in this cause. To help us keep this service on and available to everyone we have introduced a premium monthly plan as well. Which costs less than a cup of coffee. You can use our premium app and unlock all the features email verify. This would enable your account with an option to run parallel lists and run bigger lists.


Yes, we are 100% free. You do not pay a single penny for our Free email cleaner.

Currently, our bulk email verification app accepts just a copy-paste of your data. If you switch to our premium and unlock the features. You will be able to upload files in CSV and TXT.

You do not require any software. You can simply sign up, verify your profile, and start using it. Do not forget to rate us πŸ™‚ that will help us improve our service and add features.

You know it costs 100s of Dollars to clean old email lists and big companies like Mailchimp and others recommend using an Email verifier to keep the data clean. We can save you those thousands of Dollars. You can compare some of the well-known service providers to see the difference.

BMV’s bulk email verifier uses multiple layers of verifications, the final step is to verify an email using SMTP. Bulk mail verifier app is designed intelligently, it has multiple layers of verification. The final step is to verify using SMTP. We ensure that all the emails are active and you can send them an email without hesitating.

To answer the question in simple words, Our Email Verifier does not use your IP address. It is 100% cloud-based and we do not use anything related to your IP or Email address.

You do not require any additional software. You just need a laptop or PC connected to the internet πŸ™‚

This is a FREE service. We are happy to say that our Free email verification is Fast and accurate. We would not be proud to say that we are better than many online paid tools. Hard t believe, right? You can test us and test them.

I would be happy to say it’s FREE for Life. Do not forget to give us a shout out. That really helps us.

Yes, Your data is your property and only you have the right to it. We take extreme measures to protect it. We remove all the data from our servers every 90 days.

Most of the companies recommend validating your data every 3 months.

We are based out in Canada, We strive to serve the entire globe and offer you all our amazing service.

Sure, we would love to discuss and answer any questions you might have. Drop us an email at support@bulkmailverifier.org

You are awesome, we need all the help to keep the service live and maintained. You can send your desired donation to our PayPal account.

We are providing the service to anyone and everyone for FREE and this makes is different from others. What makes us better is our amazing accuracy πŸ™‚

Do not take our words, try it yourself.

You are more than welcome to provide us your valuable feedback. just login to your account and give us suggestion or feedback.

Click on signup on the top right corner of our Page or go to https://app.bulkmailverifier.org. Follow 3 simple steps and you are part of the bulk email verification family.