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Hexomatic: Your Powerful, Sleepless Automation Assistant

Stop struggling with repetitive tasks. Let Hexomatic, your 24/7 virtual assistant, do the heavy lifting!

No coding required, just point and click:

  • Scrape any website: Extract data, media, and leads instantly with our 1-click scraper.
  • Turn Google Maps into gold: Research local businesses efficiently with automatic spreadsheet exports.
  • Uncover hidden gems: Find contact details, validate emails, and optimize websites for search.
  • Automate news research: Grab summaries, keywords, and descriptions effortlessly with the Article Scraper.
  • Clean and process data: Run operations like filtering and verification with a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Build custom automations: Create unique workflows to fit your specific needs.
  • Share and collaborate: Save and share your automations with your team or the community.
  • Save endless hours: Automate repetitive tasks with one-click workflows.
  • Find untapped potential: Discover affiliates, guest post opportunities, and B2B leads.
  • Boost outreach: Automate email contact discovery for faster lead generation.

Hexomatic empowers you to:

  • Work smarter, not harder.
  • Unlock valuable data from any website.
  • Automate workflows and save time.
  • Boost your productivity and efficiency.

Ready to unleash your automation potential? Try Hexomatic today!


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